The Team

Tac6 Media features an exciting, agile team that believes in delivering outstanding service to our clients.

Kelly Fitzgerald – Team Lead

Kelly brings a dynamic style of management to the team. She has an impressive professional background as a litigator, business owner, educator and writer.

She’s received numerous awards for her presentation skills and volunteer work.

Without her, Tac6 Media would not function.

Katherine Johnson – Research Lead

Katherine’s intense research style redefines thoroughness and attention to detail. From interviewing the heads of law enforcement agencies throughout the United States to compiling data in spreadsheets, she can do it all.

Add to the mix that she speaks multiple languages, and it is easy to understand why we value her so much.

Sean Johnson – Research Assistant

As the newest employee of Tac6 Media, Sean fits right into the company culture as our research assistant. His ability to navigate government archives is uncanny, while his skills at compiling the data hints at true genius.

In addition to his office skills, he is an accomplished martial artist who currently trains in karate, kick boxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. While he doesn’t do it for notoriety, he has more than a few trophies to show for his efforts.