About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson is an American author, editor and entrepreneur.

A former police officer and trainer, he left public service and founded Tac6 Media, LLC.

He currently consults with clients who need online publication management, editorial services, content production and organic traffic acquisition through search engine optimization.

He manages more than 100 active websites.


Richard is a prolific writer with hundreds of articles related to firearms and law enforcement published by Harris Publications, Athlon Outdoors, NRA, Police & Security News, The Firearm Blog, Human Events and more.

Additionally, Richard has written for multiple newspapers including the Atlanta Business Chronicle and The Sentinel. Writing for newspapers, he covered local sports and business news and performed investigative journalism.

Richard received an award from the Georgia Press Association for investigative journalism.


Richard Johnson is the managing editor of The Armory Life. Additionally, he is the Editor in Chief for Guns Holsters and Gear, Blue Sheepdog and other online publications.


Richard Johnson’s photography clients include Sports Illustrated, The Sporting News, Harris Publications, Athlon Outdoors, Shooting Illustrated, Law Enforcement & Security News, The Sentinel, The Firearm Blog, The Mag Life and many more.

Richard also received awards from the Georgia Press Association for news photography.

Police Officer

Richard Johnson was a fill-time, sworn police officer working in uniform patrol. He held the following ranks: police officer, corporal, sergeant and lieutenant.

During his tenure, he was certified as a field training officer and academy instructor in multiple states. He served as a field training officer and the commander of the field training and evaluation program. He updated the field training program for two local police departments and one state law enforcement agency.

Richard completed advanced training in firearms, defensive tactics, drug interdiction, officer safety, de-escalation techniques, domestic violence and interviewing techniques. He wrote the domestic violence investigation policy for his department. He has been recognized by courts as an expert in drug investigations, DUI investigations and firearms.

Richard received numerous letters of commendation as a police officer and was recognized as the city employee of the month. He also was awarded the life saving award.

He has since been interviewed by multiple news organizations, and served as an advisor to a U.S. senator and the citizen’s oversight committee for a major U.S. city.